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Sammy in her new home with her new best friend Maggie 

This little girl has made such a difference to our lives. Thank you Aras for the wonderful work you do. From Pat, Rudi and of course Sammy

Happy Tails


A few of weeks ago our beloved dog Sam lost his fight for life, he was 3 when we had him from Aras we had him for

10 years, he did well for the age of 13 years, even though his mind was still good, unfortunately he was in pain and his legs weren't to good.

we didn't want him to suffer anymore.

he was loved and spoilt by everyone , we dearly miss him


We rehomed Max around 3 years ago, he has grown in confidence and is a happy, cuddly dog with a one of a kind personality. Attached some photos for you to see him.

Thank you Jessica


I can't believe we have had Angel for nearly 9 months now. she has settled in well and is a very loving dog and very devoted. She does still try to get her tail, but that is only very occasionally now, and she does not pace in circles now.

And of course being a youngster does get into mischief from time to time. She likes to tug the rugs, but she does stop as soon as I say NO!!

Thank you for letting me adopt her.

Kind regardsDenise


Having recently lost 2 very special dogs Clydie and Roxy have come into my life thanks to ARAS they join Nemo and Bobby also ARAS dogs and have all bonded in a very short time they have been together. The dogs and I would like to thank this very special team of volunteers who give up their spare time to give these dogs that second chance giving people such as me such happiness. 


Sir Marshall has been in his new home now for the past 3 years. He took a little while to settle in but now looks like he's well loved and is running the house. Always great to receive success stories about our rescue dogs   


MACE one of our lucky dogs who has found his forever home in time for Christmas. we still have other great dogs looking for that special forever home


I just thought I'd update you. It's been nearly three years since we adopted Star from Aras. Despite some behavioural issues which I think stemmed from being kennelled for nearly s year, she's now is a loving, loyal pet although still doesn't quite understand "stay"!

She is our world and definitely a big fur baby. She has a passion for helping me in the kitchen and is always available to clear up if needed. She's our shadow & follows us everywhere. As you can see from the photos she is a happy girl in her forever home. The first picture top left is the day we adopted her.

With doggy hugs

Sarah & Steve


hi its Charlie Lilley

I'm now settled in my new home and its good fun here I've got lots of different toys to play with, so I never get bored. They sent me to the vets the other day which I wasn't keen on they made the vet give me my booster. I love playing in my garden, and I have also learnt how to use the dog flap. Also my favourite walk is down by the river and though the woods where I play in the stream.

Thank you for helping me find my forever home P.S I've sent you some photos so you can see how well im getting on.


Jet left us today to go to her new for ever home. She has a beautiful playmate Timber. She has settled in really well. More updates and photo's to follow.


Zac, Bella and Curly have been in their for ever home for a while now and are enjoying life to the full. They get up to all sorts of mischief together.

RAGNAR(was Dennis)

Look how Ragnar has grown. He has settled in really well


I think you can say Buddy has settled in really well in his new forever home. He has lots of fun things coming up. can't wait to hear all about it Buddy.


This is Coco he is a joy and a great addition to our family.


Moon is showing how happy she is in her forever home even with her other four legged friend


The lovely Skye with her new dad. She is settling in very well.

CASPER (was ghost) and SOPHIE

.Casper is doing absolutely fine! We had him neutered recently which resulted in a couple of infections but he responded well to antibiotics. Sophie is still the boss and lets him know it if he misbehaves! He tends to bark a lot at other dogs whilst on the lead but, hopefully, he will get calmer as he matures! He has filled out and is about 36 Kilos so we have to keep an eye on his diet as he just LOVES grub! He is great with people and always welcomes anyone with great excitement!

We can always bring him over to see you sometime if you want?

Am attaching some pictures to this email so I hope they come through ok!

Take care

Ray & Jane


Hi all,

Ralph is settling into his new home brilliantly. He is such a beautiful boy. We cannot believe our luck with him! He is perfectly behaved! Not yet attempted to destroy everything! He was a little nervous when he arrived home so we spent a few minutes reassuring him and he soon settled. He has met all the family now and they are as in love with him as we are. Thank you so much for everything you have done for our boy. He is a very happy pup, and as promised I've attached a few photo's of him over the weekend.


Pepper came about 2 years ago and has been enjoying his life in his for ever home. The family are so proud of him and love him to bits. Today they came to visit us and have chosen a play mate for him.


Hi we just wanted to send you some photos to show you how well Rolo has settled in.

Rolo loves the chair, he sleeps on this when we all go to bed.

All tired out after a long walk.

Hallo there,

Kingston has settled in very well. Now weighs 34kg and has been

neutered. Still on the Omega maintenance diet which I ordered online from Monster Pet Supplies He likes to sleep on my bed when I go out, which is so much better than pining by the front door! At night he sleeps on the landing. He has several soft beds but is happy to sprawl on the floor. He is learning

to stay on his bed when I leave the room briefly, instead of following

me everywhere. Seems to have basic obedience including WAIT and NO.

I got one of those rope slip leads from Jollye's which seems to do the trick

best wishes & thank you

Heather Shepherd


I think that I have fallen on my feet here as I am getting so much love and attention from my new mum and dad. They feed me 4 or more times a day, I have put on weight (approx. 5 kgs ) so I now don't look as skinny as I used to.

There are so many new things here to occupy me, going for long walks with dad, mum and little sister Trudy, I could walk all day but the others can't so I have to make do with 3 walks a day, learning to play with a ball ( I can only manage playing with it for a few minutes and then I find something else to do. I have got budgies, tortoises and garden birds to occupy my mind as well as keeping a look out for cats. As mum and dad feed the wild birds the local cats think that they can also get a free dinner, but they have got me to contend with. I have lost count how many times I have just missed them by a whisker, the pigeons also get the same treatment. I can laze about almost anywhere I want, usually on the sofas, but the garden is nice as well.

Regards to you and all the staff at ARAS you are all doing a great job.

Bob and Jane Barton

OSCAR now Ollie

Hi! Thank you so much for letting us adopt Ollie yesterday. We're sticking with Oliver, Ollie for short, as its not too different to Oscar and is suits him being an orphan!

So first night went extremely well! He is so well behaved for such a youngest its almost too good to be true! He has managed to get all his mess (both kinds) onto newspaper, apart from the first but that's because we missed the signals. This morning, he has stopped notifying us that he needs to go and simply trots along to the newspaper on his own to do the deed. He is also sure to announce his achievement so that he gets lots of fuss for being so clever! He's been very confident since getting home, has spent most of the time sleeping with only occasional short bursts of chaos, but no crying or upset. I didn't even hear a peep from him when I left him alone for the night. I crept away thinking he would wake up and go mad but he didn't.

Was chaos this morning though, seemed very distressed to have been left alone by the time I got up for work this morning, but soon calmed down with some breakfast and had still managed to do all his mess on newspaper in the night. So a great start! More pics to follow. Still thinking of Joey. Also we're talking about doing a charity fund raising event at the office to help raise money for your place. Thinking maybe an office cake stall and jumble sale. Let know if I need one of those charity collection boxes from you to do this or not.

Will keep in touch, Best wishes,

Michelle x

P.S don't forget to send me pics of the doggies that need homing together :)

DERRY (was Juno)

Just a quick note to say we rehomed Derry in July 2007. She is getting on really well and is a pleasure to have. thank you to all at ARAS.


Hi I wanted to let you know I am well. I'm still a celeb where ever iIgo. I love meeting people, I always make the oldies smile. Through time and training I can happily greet children too. I am still covering myself in muck from the garden when wet. Thinking of you all x George


 Ruby she is a joy to have and has settled in well with us. She loves the balls.  


Hi i thought you would like an update on Buster who you rehomed with my Brother-in-law. You couldn't have found him a better dog. He has been training and can now be walked with other dogs all around him and will sit while other dogs are around him. He is very obedient at home and loves to be groomed and loves his toys. I have enclosed some photos isn't he a gorgeous boy.

thank you for a lovely dog. He's the best thing that's happened to us . Best wishes to all at ARAS and thank you again Alison xx


 Please find attached a picture of Bella and Curly, as they have both settled in extremely well. They love each others company and are a pleasure to own. We have plenty of walks and lots of fun! We go through lots of balls and they both have become family members and enjoying life to the full. Thank you for letting us adopt them both and please keep up all your good work at ARAS. Kind Regards Mandi & Nick


They have grown into beautiful girls.


Molly with her new friend Dickens.

Molly with her favorite teddy.


Just thought we'd send you a few piccies of our gorgeous new boy Rocky. Two weeks have gone so fast and he has settled in really well.

He has been getting lots of exercise exploring our neighbourhood and Matt has been taking him out for short bike rides to get their fitness up and reduce pulling on the lead. He adapted quickly to a fixed collar and lead but loves the extendable lead for sniffing in new places. He also had a visit from our groomer for a full wash and dry so is looking great for now (until the next mucky puddle!)His training at home has been going well; he can now do lots of basic commands in the house and garden and loves to play fetch, he is a very clever boy and is picking everything up really fast. Following neutering and recovery next week we'll hopefully be bringing him to the ARAS midweek training sessions.

Just wanted to say thank you for being so open minded about matching us with Rocky bearing in mind we didn't know that much about him. He is proving to be a fabulous family dog, mostly calm and settled, loves attention and is very good around our daughter too. We are very lucky to have him :)

Depending on weather and Abi's cough getting better we'll hopefully see you at the dog show tomorrow.

Kerry, Matt, Abigail and Rocky xx


Hello from Maxey where Micha is now homed. She has settled in well as you can see from the photo’s, although she is still liable to be a bit excitable particularly when out being walked. It was a little surprising to find her snapping at people and other animals considering she was housed with other dogs. We are hopeful she is on the learning curve regarding this and most times she is quite calm. She is a lovely dog who will learn to settle in a loving home. Hilary and Paul


Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know Mutley has settled in brilliantly. Its like he has been here forever. We have not had 1 single difficulty! He is a treasure and we would like to say a big thank you to all especially Alison for her time last Friday. I have attached a piccy of him in one of his favourite spots.....the sofa! Thank you Christine


Hello again......a little picture and piece about Lottie....

Lottie whilst missing all her friends at ARAS is settling into her new home very well. Lottie's main interests include sticking her nose into shopping bags, wanting to play tug o' war and fetch ball from dawn to dusk, exploring on her daily countryside walks and greeting all visitors to the house with *ahem* considerable enthusiasm! We've had Lottie for 9 weeks now and couldn't have wished for a better pet, her energy and enthusiasm for everything energize all who meet her! Thank you to all at ARAS.

MR & MRS Prudden


To everyone

Marshall has now settled down really well after the problems we had on the first day we had him. He is now a lot better and he runs on his own in the fields, walks to heel etc. and is really well trained. Both my wife and myself are very pleased how he has turned out

Thank you

Mr and Mrs Furness


Kai has turned out such a loving dog and has got a wonderful life on the farm now. He loves following the tractor and combine up and down the field ( which ever I'm driving). He also likes to see off any pigeons or crows from his air space. You guys do such a wonderful job there and keep up the good work.

yours faithfully



I have attached some of the photos we've taken of Max since we brought him home yesterday. We are having a truly wonderful time with him and are so pleased that we were able to adopt him. Max settled in the minute we arrived and has made himself very much at home. I think you can tell from the photos how happy he and the girls are together.

Thank you so much




Please find attached pictures of Ronnie. He has settled well and gets on really well with the young children and the cat. He got really upset when the cat didn't want to know him at first but now they seem like a good team of four legged animals, the cat still thinks he is boss though!! Ronnie loves long walks and chessey snacks. He is a fussy eater and only likes the best brands ha !!. Thank you to the owner for such a lovely and good temperamental dog. He already has two girlfriends , one of which is an Akita and he loves to jump in rivers after he has had a shower and a brush..... typical bloke lol.